Monday, March 21, 2016

A Golden Picnic

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, an occasion worth celebrating. Here come sunshine, showers, flowers, and all sorts of lovely things! 
Anne Shirley loved Spring. Her birthday was in March, but she wished it was in Spring, and here I must quote L. M. Montgomery to do justice to her sentiments, and explain what exactly this "Golden Picnic" referenced in the title is. 

Anne, on her way to Orchard Slope, met Diana, bound for Green Gables, just where the mossy old log bridge spanned the brook below the Haunted Wood, and they sat down by the margin of the Dryad's Bubble, where tiny ferns were unrolling like curly-headed green pixy folk wakening up from a nap.
"I was just on my way over to invite you to help me celebrate my birthday on Saturday," said Anne. 
"Your birthday? But your birthday was in March!"
"That wasn't my fault," laughed Anne. "If my parents had consulted me it would never have happened then. I should have chosen to be born in the world with the mayflowers and violets. You would always feel that you were their foster sister. But since I didn't, the next best thing is to celebrate my birthday in the spring. Priscilla is coming over Saturday and Jane will be home. We'll all four start off to the woods and spend a golden day making the acquaintance of the spring. We none of us really know her yet, but we'll meet her back there as we never can anywhere else. I want to explore all those fields and lonely places anyhow. I have a conviction that there are scores of beautiful nooks there that have never really been seen although they may have been looked at. We'll make friends with wind and sky and sun, and bring home the spring in our hearts."
-"A Golden Picnic," Anne of Avonlea
(Here is a link to this chapter of Anne of Avonlea for further review. :)
Isn't that lovely? Anne has such a wonderful way with words. :) 
And so they had their golden picnic and made friends with Spring.
Perhaps not the greatest illustration, but it's what there is!
Now, I thought it might be fitting to celebrate Spring and Anne's birthday. I suppose in Prince Edward Island, Canada, March is not Spring yet, but in many other places it is. Whether it feels like Spring where you live or not, we shall celebrate nonetheless. 
We're going to have a virtual "golden picnic." I have some questions, and you anyone can answer them. I specifically tag:
Cordy at Write On, Cordy! because she, like Anne, wishes to be called Cordelia
Naomi Bennet at Wonderland Creek because she loves Rilla of Ingleside as much as I do
Anyone else can play (please do!); you can comment with your answers or with a link to your answers on your own blog! (And of course, Cordy and Naomi, you are free to decline my invitation to this golden picnic; I will understand. :) My answers are here at Rae: A Drop of Golden Sun.
"Let's try to make this a really golden day, girls, a day to which we can always look back with delight!" (Anne, of course. :)
 Some of these questions, you'll be able to tell which, are from the chapter "A Golden Picnic" from Anne of Avonlea. Others are my own.
You'll have until the end of March to answer the questions!
So, shall we make friends with Spring?

1. "What a lot of elephant's ears," exclaimed Diana. "I'm going to pick a big bunch, they're so pretty." 
"How did such graceful feathery things ever come to have such a dreadful name?" asked Priscilla.
Have you thought what Priscilla thought? What is something you love but hate the name thereof?

Perhaps this does not do justice to L. M. Montgomery's description...but it might come close.
2. "Oh, girls, look at that!" 
"That" was a shallow woodland pool in the center of a little open glade where the path ended. was a glimmering placid sheet, round as a saucer and clear as crystal. A ring of slender young birches encircled it and little ferns fringed its margin.
..."Well, we must name this place before we leave it...Everybody suggest a name and we'll draw lots"
The names suggested were:
Birch Pool (Diana),
Crystal Lake (Jane),
Glimmer-glass (Priscilla), and
The Fairies' Mirror (Anne)
Which name would you choose for this lovely dimple of water? One of these? Your own name? (It ended up being called Crystal Lake.)

3. "I wish there really were fairies," said Jane. "Wouldn't it be nice to have three wishes granted you...or even only one? What would you wish for, girls, if you could have a wish granted?" 

4. "I wonder what a soul...a person's soul...would look like." said Priscilla dreamily.
..."I read somewhere once that souls were like flowers," said Priscilla.
If your soul was a flower, what do you think it would be? 

5. What is your favourite thing about Spring? You can choose as many favourites as you need; I understand how hard it could be to choose a favourite.

6. Do you have a favourite kind of flower? What is it, if so?

7. Do you prefer rain or sunshine?

8. Is Spring your favourite season? Why or why not?

9. Is it Spring where you live?

10. Do you like what season you were born in? Do you wish you were born in Spring or some other season?

I look forward to seeing your answers! Again, anyone can play, and please do! Thanks!


  1. I LOVE this tag. I'll see if I find time to fill it out! If not, I'll come back here and answer them in the comments. :-) So creative! ;-)

    1. Thanks! Do whatever works for you!

    2. Filled it out! ;-)

  2. This is such a beautiful tag! I want to find the time to do it, so if I do, I will comment back here and leave my link! :)

    1. Thank you, it was quite fun to put together! I will love to see your answers if you find the time, but if you don't I do understand!

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